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The following is a sample of my most requested services. I have a more comprehensive list on my booking site. All prices are starting prices. 
Shampoo and Style
$60         1 Hour
Shampoo and blown dry for smoothness or volume using a round brush. Curling iron or straightener not included.

Shampoo and Style Deluxe

$76  1 Hour 15 Minutes

Blow Out Deluxe

Everything above but finished with curling iron or straightener.

Hair Cuts

$48 +   45 Minutes

Custom Hair Cuts 

Either a trim or a new style. Includes an in depth consultation, shampoo, scalp massage, conditioner, and a blow dry style.

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Custom Hair Color

Your appointment will begin with a thorough consultation and a hair and scalp health analysis.

 Your lifestyle and daily habits will be taken into consideration when determining your color goal. Your customized color will include any tones, glosses and/or shadow root necessary to achieve your desired result.


Root Touch Up

$75  1 Hour 30 Minutes

For guests with less than one-inch of new growth at the root from a single color application. You can expect the new growth to blend seamlessly with the lengths. Perfect for grey coverage.

All over color

$105   1 Hour 30 Minutes

For guests looking to transform their natural hair color to a darker natural tone. You can expect a single shade from roots to ends. No foils.

Partial Highlight

$120 1 Hour 45 Minutes

For guests looking to brighten up their overall color and/or add minimal to moderate pops of color typically through the top and around your face.


Full Highlight

$140  2 Hours

For guests looking to add a moderate to maximum amount of lighter and brighter color throughout all of your hair.


High &Low lights


$150  2 Hours 

For the guest wanting to add multiple natural looking colors to their hair. You can expect multiple blended shades of blonde and brunette. No vivids.



 $260  4 Hours

For guests looking for a low maintenance blonding service. You can expect blended shades of blonde throughout the lengths of the hair and around your face.  Pieces are hand-painted & roots are left your natural color.  Blonde will not go all the way to the scalp. of blonde and brunette. No vivids.


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Rewards System

Has it ever paid off to get your hair done? 

Well now it will with my rewards program! It's simple -

250 points = $25*

That's it! No punch cards or apps to download,

just earn points and get rewarded!

Start earning your points today!

How To Earn Points

$30 retail purchase - 1pt

$50 service dollars spent - 2pt

social media tag - 5pts

social media check-in - 10pts

reviews - 15 pts

referrals - 25pts 

     Use Your Points On



Future appointments

*Only one $25 reward may be redeemed per appointment

Points expire 12 months after

reward earned date

Gift Certificates Available

 *Consultation Required 

Prices vary with amount of product used and time.

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