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As someone who truly understands the anxiety some people experience about their hair,

my goal is to give you peace of mind and communication throughout your service. I will deliver

comfort through in depth discussion about your lifestyle, upkeep of a particular look, and your

expectations for the outcome.


Through my journey as a stylist for more than 35 years, I know the importance of education.

Which is why I regularly take advanced classes in everything from hair cutting to natural color and grey

coverage.With so many changing beauty standards I know people feel pressured to do the next thing

with their hair. I am very happy to help you with those changes but I am also the kind of stylist

that understands that sometimes, the status quo is best. If that means continuing to cover your

sparkling grey’s, blending them with a highlight or finally cutting off the hair you have grown for

two years, I am right there helping you on your journey and cheering you on the entire way!


When I'm not in the salon you can find me spending time with my husband and maybe a couple

of our five kids. I am also a mom to two dogs and one cat. In the summer I enjoy trying to make

sense of the very neglected flower beds that came with our house. In the winter you'll find me

binge watching the latest show on TV or trying a new recipe out on my husband.


Click here to check out my new client offerings and book an appointment.

Please email me at if you have any questions.

I'm Timi, born and raised right here in Minnesota and proud

to be serving Woodbury and the surrounding communities!

I am blessed to be able to help you achieve the beautiful,

healthy hair of your dreams!


Timi, her husband and their five kids
White wall molding with geometric shape and vanishing point_edited.jpg
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